Let's Know About Sandy Tattoo Studio Best Tattoo Artist in Goa

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Let's Know About Sandy Tattoo Studio Best Tattoo Artist in Goa

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Let's Know About Sandy Tattoo Studio Best Tattoo Artist in Goa

Let's Know About Sandy Tattoo Studio Best Tattoo Artist in Goa: Celebrity tattoos are becoming more and more popular with every year that passes. These days it’s common to see well known celebrities from the world of films, sport and music displaying their tattoos and body art on screen or in magazines.

But there was a time when tattoos were looked upon with contempt especially among the leading celebrities of the moment. Anyone who had tattoos was generally regarded as being on the fringes of society.

However, all that started to change in the 1960s when prominent stars such as Janis Joplin started the trend for celebrity tattoos. Over time they have become more socially acceptable.

Today, celebrity tattoos have gone mainstream and the culture of celebrity tattoos covers acting, sport, music, models and people who are famous for being famous. Just look at some of the celebrities who are known to have tattoos.

Established In 2007: Sandy Tattoo Studio Best Tattoo Artist in Goa

Sandy Tattoo is the place were the customer comes first, the quality is affordable and the tattoo is exceptional. We first open our doors for public on 8th of March 2008. Three years later we are happy for our achievements that one of the leading Tattoo Studio in Goa and with great plans for the future. Be part of our future projects and book an appointment with us. Here at Sandy Tattoo we are specialized in custom work and we really enjoy transforming your ideas into the beautiful tattoos you will cherish all your life. We think that every tattoo is special and it needs to be done in a highly professional manner, and that the customer needs to be treated the same way. We think that for your safety and peace of mind it’s better to use disposable grips and needles , therefore everything that we use during your session is single use.

Best Tattoo Studio in Goa – Famous Tattoo Parlour India Sandy Tattoo Goa, clean, hygienic, safe — Sandytattoo.com Sandy Tattoo Top Tattoo Artist in Goa, India, Tattoogoa Founder of Sandy tattoo studio in Goa, Sandy is a phenomenal tattoo artist originally from Gujarat. Since 2006 he has been a vibrant and exciting presence in the Goa Tattoo Industry.

Sandy has been eagerly tattooing in Sandy’s Tattoo Studio for over 14 years, during which he has inked hundreds of people including some celebrities. Middleton is considered one of the most modern studios in the Goa and is award-winning too. It’s no surprise then that Sandy is considered one of the best Indian tattoo artists!

Phone: +919552666999
Call Sandy to Book an Appointment

Address in Goa
Shop No62, Brisa Residential Complex, Next to Somy Resort, Calangute Road, Naika Vaddo, Calangute, Bardez, Goa

E-mail sandytattoostudio@gmail.com
E-mail Sandy at sandytattoostudio@gmail.com to book an appointment

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