Forged Fittings Manufacturers & Exporters In India +919079367689

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Forged Fittings Manufacturers & Exporters In India +919079367689

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Forged Fittings Manufacturers  & Exporters In India +919079367689 call today to know best offers on Forged

They have a wide variety of fittings available, both in stock and bespoke made including:

  1. 45° elbows

  2. 90° elbows
  3. Straight and reducing tees
  4. Couplings
  5. Half couplings
  6. Caps
  7. Plugs
  8. Crosses

Forged steel fittings are available in both threaded and socket weld end connections.

Forged steel fittings are the fittings made by forged steel. The manufacturing process of forged steel fittings is detailed below.

Manufacturing of forged fittings

The manufacturers and mills that they source our forged fittings from are some of the most reputable in the industry. They work to the most exacting standards to ensure the quality of the products that they forge.

Drop forging is the most common manufacturing process of forged fittings. It is a processing method whereby a forging press is used to put pressure on metal blanks in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, and particular shapes and sizes. In general, the steel goes through some or all of the following processes in order to manufacturer the final product:

  1. Forging billet blanking
  2. Forging billet heating
  3. Roll forging
  4. Die forging forming
  5. Trimming cutting
  6. Punching
  7. Correction
  8. Intermediate inspection
  9. Heat treatment
  10. Metal cutting
  11. Clear up
  12. Final inspection

During their final inspection, steel forged fittings must pass through appearance and hardness tests, chemical composition testing, mechanical properties testing, and NDT testing, as well as any other testing that the end client requires.

Forged Fittings Manufacturers  & Exporters In India +919079367689 call today to know best offers on Forged

There are many advantages of forged fittings as opposed to casted fittings. These are as follows:

  • Due to the tight grain structure a forged fitting is mechanically stronger than a casted one

  • Forged products are not susceptible to cavities, cold pour problems, porosity or shrinkage
  • Forged fittings can use less expensive alloys but still retain very high strength
  • The microstructure of forgings means it has more wear resistance and therefore is less likely to become brittle.
  • Forged fittings can withstand higher pressures in more extreme conditions
  • Forged fittings have a longer and typically more reliable life expectancy than casted fittings
  • Forged fittings are usually less expensive than casted ones
  • Different types of forged fittings (applications and advantages)

Tees: Forged tees are a type of forged steel fitting that is used to combine or divide the flow of a liquid. Reducing Tees are a specific type of tee that allows for pipe size change. The run outlets of a tee are the two in-line outlets, and the branch is the third reducing outlet.

Elbows: A pipe elbow is a forged steel fitting that has been installed between two lengths of pipe or tube that allows a change of direction, usually by 90° or 45°. Reducing elbows can both simultaneously change flow direction and reduce flow diameter.

Couplings: Couplings are a forged steel fitting that is used to connect two lengths of pipe. One end is screwed into the pipe while the other end can be tightly inserted, or welded, onto the other end to pipe or vessel.

Unions: Unions are similar to a coupling but allow two lengths of pipe to be assembled and detached without causing any deformation to the pipes.

Bushings: Bushings are forged steel fittings that allow for a change in pipe size.

Caps: Caps are just as the name suggest – they cap the flow by being inserted over the end of the pipe.

Plugs: Similar to a cap, plugs stop the flow of a liquid in the pipe. They come in different head types, such as hex, square, and round.

Crosses: As you would expect, crosses are a 4-way fitting. They have one inlet and three outlets or vice versa and allow for four pipes to meet together. The diameter of the outlets and inlets can be the same or different.

Forged Fittings Manufacturers  & Exporters In India +919079367689 call today to know best offers on Forged

Company Contact Details are given below:

Head Office

138/146, Grd Floor, Nirmal Niwas,
Sant Sena Maharaj Marg,
2nd Kumbharwada, Girgaon,
Mumbai-400004, Maharashtra, India


Plot No.G/3, Coal Depot,
Hutments Fosbery Road,
Mumbai – 400 015,
Maharashtra (India)

Get in touch

+ (91) – 9079367689
+ (91) – 22 6639 4505 / 22 6639 4506


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